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Bon accueil, chambre correcte, douche qui mériterait un coup de neuf, mais sinon propre. Par contre, [...]
The Hotel Staffs are excellent ~ Kind, Friendly & Helpful with their Smile -“You can [...]
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Strasbourg's culinary specialties to discover

Discover the culinary specialties of Strasbourg not to be missed in Strasbourg, Alsace

What better way to discover Strasbourg's remarkable culinary heritage than during your stay in Alsace?

Recognized as one of the cities in France with the longest list of local specialties, our team offers you today an overview of the many culinary specialties of Strasbourg.


Brioche bread in the shape of a knot that can be eaten both savory and sweet, and in many variations such as poppy seed, sesame, cheese, traditionally with fleur de sel but also with chocolate or nuts.

In the bakeries, you can taste pretzels with bacon, onions and even munster cheese.

During your stay in Alsace, you can also find the Mauricettes which are small breads of accompaniment of table diverted from the pretzels.

The flammekueche

Very thin crusty bread dough covered with fresh cream, bacon and raw onions, the flammekueche is one of the most famous Alsatian specialties of the region.


It is impossible to visit Strasbourg without tasting its sauerkraut! Emblematic dish of the region, you will have the opportunity to taste it in many restaurants.

Traditionally garnished with pork and salt pork, cold cuts and potatoes, Strasbourg sauerkraut can also be served with fish and seafood.


Meat cakes made from beef, bacon and pork, this is a recipe that has been passed down through generations. Very appreciated for their crispy outside and their soft inside, this Alsatian speciality can be eaten hot or cold, with potatoes or a salad.

The spätzles

If you are a pasta lover, take advantage of your stay in Strasbourg to taste this delicious recipe of pasta mixed with cream, eggs and flour. Fried in butter, this tasty recipe is sure to delight you!

Linzer Torte

A sweet specialty from Austria and Germany, the Linzer Torte is a delicious braided pie filled with homemade red currant or raspberry jam.

Organize your stay in Strasbourg in Alsace

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917 reviews