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Visit of the Neustadt, the German district of Strasbourg

Discover the Neustadt, an urban creation built by the German Empire

A little history...

Urban extension of the city whose conception started at the end of the 19th century, in 1880 (during the period of the attachment of Alsace to Germany), the construction of the Neustadt continued until the 1950s.

Nearly 10,000 new buildings were added to the city, which resulted in a considerable expansion of the city. Indeed, this major construction project tripled the surface area of Strasbourg.

In 45 years, a very important Germanic immigration was recorded, due to the German annexation. The population of the city doubled from 80,000 in 1870 to 180,000 in 1915.

This is why the German administration was obliged to quickly develop a monumental architectural policy.

An exceptional urban architecture to inscribe power

Concerned with efficient infrastructures, the German Empire wished to inscribe power, modernity and prestige in this city, which had become the capital of the Reichsland of Alsace-Lorraine.

The project aimed to affirm in stone the entirety of the changes: change of regime and advent of the new power.

A great city emerged, where engineering, architecture and urban planning were combined. The Neustadt gave shape to an exceptional urban landscape, and offered remarkable living conditions for its inhabitants at the time.

Today, the Neustadt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What can you see in the Neustadt?

The Neustadt is a very open space with wide and very long avenues, monumental squares, parks, gardens and major thoroughfares such as the Avenues of the Vosges, Alsace and the Black Forest. The Neustadt impresses with its sublime perspectives, which were at the origin of the entry of modernity in Strasbourg.

What are the must-sees?

  • The Avenue de la Liberté
  • The Place de la République
    This square is the crossroads of the main roads that structure this urban extension, such as the imperial axis, and is home to many official buildings in the neo-Renaissance style:
    • The Rhine Palace
    • The National Theater of Strasbourg
    • The national and university library
  • The Broglie square
  • The university palace
  • The municipal baths
  • The buildings of style Nouveau Art
    • The Egyptian House
    • The Festival Palace
    • The Villa Brion
    • The building of report
    • The Villa Knopf
    • The Italian Villa

Organize your stay in Strasbourg in Alsace

Would you like to spend a few days with your family, friends or partner in Strasbourg? Discover the Hotel Vendôme ***, its comfortable rooms and family suites to discover the city and its treasures during your vacations or a weekend.

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917 reviews