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Je recommande vivement cet hôtel par l'accueil et la gentillesse du personnel
The only thing is the room was not cleaned on our last day but overall, [...]
Hotel near the centre of the city and close to the train and bus station, [...]
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The Museum of Fine Arts in Strasbourg

Located less than 20 minutes walk from the Vendôme Hotel ***, the Fine Arts Museum of Strasbourg welcomes you for a pleasant cultural moment!

Where can we discover the Fine Arts Museum of Strasbourg?

This highly cultural space is located on the second floor of the Palais Rohan (classified as a Historic Monument), in the heart of downtown Strasbourg, next to the famous Cathedral, symbol of this city.

What does this museum offer?

Discover a captivating panorama of the history of painting in Europe from its beginnings to 1870.


How to find your way around the Strasbourg Museum of Fine Arts?

In the form of a chronological tour, you will have the opportunity to embark on the fascinating history of painting, through the centuries and schools.

Here is a little taste of your visit. Let's take a leap into the past!
  • Start your tour with the Italian and Flemish primitives such as Giotto or Memling.
  • Continue to the rooms where the Renaissance and Mannerism are honored, with great artists such as Botticelli, Veronese, or El Greco.
  • Walk towards to a space dedicated to Baroque, Naturalism and Classicism of the 17th and 18th centuries. The masterpieces present are those of Vouet, Rubens, Zurbarán, or "La Belle Strasbourgeoise" by Largillière.
  • And finally end your visit with the discovery of the room of portraits of the 19th century. The works of Delacroix, Chassériau and Corot are presented there.

The little plus :

By visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Strasbourg, you are close to two other museums.

Indeed, the Palais Rohan also houses the Museum of Decorative Arts, as well as the Archaeological Museum. So, take the opportunity to discover them and spend a day rhyming with discoveries and culture of all kinds.

Let yourself be surprised by this place, rich in surprises!

Access by public transport:

Bus 14 and 24 : Ancienne Douane stop
Streetcars A and D : stop Langstross - Grand'Rue

All practical information:

Book your stay! We will be happy to advise you so that you can have a stay combining comfort and cultural discoveries.
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926 reviews